The Closet

The color palette predominantly revolves around neutral black and earthy tones. Walls and ceilings are painted in shades of light earthy beige to provide a clean backdrop. Accents of black are strategically incorporated throughout the space, creating a sense of depth and contrast. Earthy tones such as warm browns, soft beiges, and muted grays are used for furniture, fixtures, and accessories, adding warmth and natural elements to the overall design.

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Clinic Project

The furniture of this project was selected by Sionna's team. Every piece in the installation process has been selected for it's craft, integrity and timelessness.

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Family Area

As a result of the overall minimalistic tendencies across the interior design field, we will see more creativity in using texture and layering. Fluted furniture and ribbed surfaces and architecture are becoming increasingly popular as high-end solutions for adding visual interest and warmth to minimalistic settings.

The most popular aesthetic includes smooth surfaces, natural tones, organic and curved and sculptural shapes with subtle mohair texture

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Basement Project

Zen interior mean creating am ambiance which reflects harmoney, balance and simplicity in design. The design style involves the rule of minimal, and it uses simplisity to deliver the best in term of aesthetic sophistication. A Zen design is an excellent way to strike the right balance between your personal and professional life.

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Living Space


Warm earth toned colors make any space feel inviting and homey as opting for a nature inspired paint color can bring instant coziness to a room.

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